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  1. The maximum score is 100%.
  2. Each team will have a chance to win Gold, Silver or Bronze award based on the percentage score obtained. [Please refer to the Special Competition Rules for  more information]
Gold Gold medal with certificate
Silver Silver medal with certificate
Bronze Bronze medal with certificate
  1. Special Award will be awarded as follows:
i-FINOG Genius Creative Transformation Award  (Elementary School) Plaque with Certificate
i-FINOG Green Youth Inventor Award (Secondary School) Plaque with Certificate
i-FINOG Best of The Best Award Plaque with Certificate
UMP Vice Chancellor Award Plaque with Certificate
EcoPesT Award Plaque with Certificate
UMP Holding Award Plaque with Certificate
Korean Award 10 Plaques with Certificate
Japan Award Plaque with Certificate
  1. Each group will only get one prize in which they will only get a medal and a certificate of appreciation for the winning group. However, other students may still receive prizes by filling up the form that has been given during registration session.
  2. Certificates of participation and goodie bags will be given to all participants.