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Genius Creative Transformation is a competition which the participants will present their ideas or products that related to the use of discarded goods/ recycling of human daily life. The competition is open to students of primary school only.


1. This competition is for students of primary school. Each group is required to bring their innovations like product or invention by following the provided category:

Class A Agriculture, Environmental, Renewable Energy, Horticulture & Gardening
Class B Automotive, Transportation, Motor Vehicles, Ships, Aviation, Accessories & Industrial Design
Class C Biotechnology, Life Sciences, Health & Chemicals
Class D Building, Architecture, Civil Engineering Construction & Materials
Class E I.C.T, Multimedia, Telecommunications, Computer Science, Electricity & Electronic & Games
Class F Manufacturing Process, Machines, Equipment, Engines, Tools, Mechanics & Industrial Processes
Class G Social Science, Commercial, Industrial & Office Equipment
Class H Education, Mathematics, Language & Science

2. This competition fostered a creative thinking culture in the production of products using recycled materials as well as benefits to our daily life. In addition, this competition also develop talent and innovation spirit that are continuous among primary school students.

3. Each group consist of 3 students and a teacher as group’s advisor.

4. The competition is open to a maximum of 50 groups only. The fee is not including an accommodation and transportation.

  i-FINOG   RM 250
  ideAS   RM 150

5.  For students from the international school, the competition is open to a maximum of 50 groups earliest. The fee is 200 USD (including accommodation).

6. Students may present their product in Malay or English language and require to answer the question from jury.

7. The maximum score is 100%.

8. Each group have a chance to win the award Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

9. Special Awards will be given to the best overall invention. 


Download File  T&C for Elementary School