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Other than that stated in the Specific Competition Rules, you are eligible to join if you follow the following conditions:

• There are no ages limit as long as you are active students in an accredited educational institution either primary school, secondary school or college/university (or equivalent; including home schools); and

You are a Malaysian citizen or Non-citizen and

You are not involved in any part of the execution or administration of this competition.


  1. Each group MUST have an ESCORT person.

  2. The closing date for the activities must be implemented during the International Festival of Innovation on Green Technology (i-FINOG 2020) is on 15 MARCH 2020 and any entries after this deadline WILL NOT BE ENTERTAINED;

  3. Each interested institution is eligible to participate in MORE THAN ONE category without any MAXIMUM LIMIT.

  4. If any group wanted to WITHDRAW, shall be before the deadline stated then, the groups must INFORM the organizer immediately.

  5. Organizing Committee reserves the right to accept or refuse an entry without explanation.

  6. The institution is REQUIRED to fill out the attached Google Form together with the invitation.

  7. Participant should fill in the google form to confirm the entry. Google Form

  8. Any changes in the name and number of participants must be edited through that not later than 4 weeks prior to the day of the contest. 

  9. Any changes to the title and the category of the project CANNOT BE made after the closing date.


  1. The fee does not include accommodation and transport with the exception for International Paticipants in and outside the country. [Please refer to the Specific Competition Rules for the amount of the fees].

  2. Participation fee must be paid before the registration day of the competition on campus. The registration fee in cash/ postal order/ cheque/ bank draft must be paid in the name of BENDAHARI UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA PAHANG's Maybank.

  3. The institution SHALL submit the proof of payment to the Organising Committee before the day of registration. 

  4. Cheque or other documents with the form proof of payment should be attach together in the Google Form

  5. The groups that FAIL to submit the form of proof of payment with proof of payment before the competition likely would not be allowed to participate in this competition.

  6. Organizer WON'T RETURN the fees if the group would like to withdraw from the competition after payment is settle before the closing date.

  7. The organizer shall LEVY a CHARGE of 10% of the fee if the group would like to withdraw before the payment is settled and before the closing date.


  1. Each group is REQUIRED to submit proposals for their inventions as the requirements/competitions respectively.

  2. Each group was REQUIRED to submit ABSTRACTS of their innovation to the Organizer a
    month before the date of the contest to our e-mail address “This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.”.

  3. Innovations must be original and never be commercial, exhibited or forwarded to the manufacturing sector.

  4. Adaptation of existing ideas improvement may be applicable as long as the aspect of the main factor of improvement is the result of creativity.

  5. Inventions/ innovations can be implemented in the form of pro-series, commercial samples, prototypes, models, drawings, photos and plan text. Poster must be in A1 size. 

  6. Any entries that have been submitted in any competition outside before or appears to replicate/ fake the idea is NOT eligible to participate in this competition. The Secretariat of the competition available to refuse the participation or withdraw any form of gift which is obtained if the participants were found to produce similar entries before this competition.


  1. Participants or representatives must be at the exhibition venue until the closing ceremony.

  2. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions may cause the organizers to withdraw the awards received.

  3. The decision of the judge panel are FINAL. Participants must contend on the results panel or committee organizers. The organizer reserves the right to amend/ add/ deduct any regulations or conditions for the purpose of smooth and continuity in this competition.

  4. Organizing Committee will not be responsible to manage, transport or storage of goods. Organizing Committee will not be responsible for any damage or loss of goods.

  5. Participants shall not be entitled to claim costs or damages if there is any loss, expenses or damage arising, or in connection with the management of the organization and also the results of the competition.

  6. Logistic equipment such as speaker, bunting, a projector, and others associated with the presentation of the product/ project is the RESPONSIBILITY of the respective group.

  7. Each participant MUST follow the code of ethics of the respective institution's clothes or dressed like wearing a t-shirt, pants, tie and slack off shoes dark. Each escort MUST also be well-dressed.

  8. Each group MUST also take care of the competition area and equipment provided well, litter in and adhere to the general rules.

  9. Every idea or innovation got collaborate with UMP for the realization of the ideas and products that were displayed during the programme "International Festival of Innovation on Green Technology (i-FINOG 2020)".

  10. Any university property damage will be liable to a FINE.