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The competition involved academician who are active in IPT/ Polytechnic/ College of Malaysia. The competition focused on four categories which our society, business, technology, and engineering where participants are required to bring their product and innovations in one of the following categories. This competition provides an opportunity for students to show their innovations at the international levels


  1. This international competition was held for academician who is active in IPT/ Polytechnic/ College Malaysia. Each group is required to bring their innovations like product or invention by following the provided category
Class of i-FINOG Category
Class A Agriculture, Environmental, Renewable Energy, Horticulture & Gardening
Class B Automotive, Transportation, Motor Vehicles, Ships, Aviation, Accessories & Industrial Design
Class C Biotechnology, Life Sciences, Health & Chemicals
Class D Building, Architecture, Civil Engineering Construction & Materials
Class E I.C.T, Multimedia, Telecommunications, Computer Science, Electricity & Electronic & Games
Class F Manufacturing Process, Machines, Equipment, Engines, Tools, Mechanics & Industrial Processes
Class G Social Science, Commercial, Industrial & Office Equipment
Class H Education, Mathematics, Language & Science
  1. Participation can be individual or grouping but not more than 3 in a group. [Group are not required to bring the supervisor]
  2. A fee does not include accommodation and transport with the exception of INSTITUTIONS of HIGHER LEARNING in and outside the country which is RM700.00 for every group/individual. [Please refer to the Specific Competition Rules for the amount of the fees].
  3. Staff may present their product in Malay or English language and require to answer the question from the jury. 
  1. The maximum score is 100%. 
  1. Each group has a chance to win the award Gold, Silver, and Bronze. 
  1. Special Awards will be given to the best overall invention.